Salie Lim

Rails, Node.js, AngularJS & React Software Developer.

I was an SEO specialist at a startup for 2 years and started to code a year ago. I program in JavaScript and Ruby, using the MEAN stack and Rails framework.

At the end of 2016 I completed the TechLadies Bootcamp, a part-time course where I built a full stack Ruby on Rails web app with two other amazing developers in training. Then I did the freeCodeCamp Front End Certification in May 2017 after working through the curriculum's algorithm exercises and projects. Finally I attended the NUS StackUp Full Stack Foundation programme, learning the MEAN stack and am on my way to being a junior web developer. I've also been experimenting with React.js every chance I get.

I blog about Web Development and SEO at if you're keen to read more.


 Node.js + AngularJS

 Ruby on Rails



I'm open to jobs and freelance opportunities so feel free to contact me for a chat or a copy of my resume.

Salie Lim

Web Dev · SEO